Pastimes of the Lord with devotees in Mauritius

#1        Glory of Lord Jagannath’s Maha Water and Tulasi Leaf

In 2011, Mr. Chamrah living near the Sri Jagannath Mandir was sick for weeks. One day his health situation worsened and it appeared that he would now leave his body. All close relatives were urgently informed of the situation.
Mataji Seeruttun (Mr. Chamrah’s sister):
“He was seemingly in his last stage of his life. All his family gathered that day, thinking that he may leave his body at any time. His daughter also came to see him. Meanwhile I asked someone to bring some maha water from Sri Jagannath Mandir. We put drops of the maha water together with a tulasi leaf in his mouth. As soon as he came in contact with the water and the tulasi leaf he immediately recovered. Everyone was relieved. His daughter could return to her place on the same day. By the grace of Sri Jagannath my brother is still with us today. Jay Jagannath. Jaya Baladev. Jay Subhadra.”

#2        Glory of Snana Yatra festival

This pastime took place during the Snana Yatra Festival celebrated in 2011. Mataji Mimta’s mother in law was sick for months. Doctors could do nothing. So the family arranged to bring her home: better she dies surrounded by his relatives than in the hospital. There was no hope -they just waited for her last breath and already started to think about the arrangements for the funeral rites. It was 15 June 2011. On that day there was Snana Yatra, the anniversary of Lord Jagannath. A tent programme was organized on this occasion at Morcellement St Andre.
Mataji Musligadoo:
“My mother in law was very critically ill and was bed ridden. Everyone in the family was expecting the worst thing that could happen; her death. Meantime we were on the Snana Yatra day and we had already reserved one kalash for abhishek of Sri Jagannath. Though we were not leaving her alone at any moment, we took the risk and came at Morcellement Saint Andre just to do the abhishek. After the abhishek we rushed for home. Reaching home I put some caranamrta in her mouth. The next morning she got up very miraculously and she was absolutely fine. She was having a stroll in the yard looking at her plants.”

#3        The Lord arranges for His own food Offering

In March 2012, Mataji Gaura Vigraha Devi Dasi had a fracture in his hand. She thought that it was some pain and was aware that it was a fracture only until a few days later. Mataji used to cook for Their Lordships Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra Maharani quite often. In the following couple of weeks she suffered from the fracture and could not cook.
In the meantime just after the fracture of Mataji Gaura Vigraha’s palm, and before she became aware that it was a fracture, Lord Jagannath did a wonderful pastime. This pastime is related to Mataji Vimlangi (Mohita) who also stayed at morcellement St Andre. She was not aware about Mataji Gaura Vigraha’s situation.
Mataji Vimlangi:
“Once, in my dream I heard a loud knock at my door. When I went to see, to my great surprise I saw that Sri Jagannath, Sri Baladev and Sri Subhadra Maharani were at the door. I was astonished and began to cry. I asked them why they came and what service I can offer Them. They said that they are not getting food and they were very hungry. They were asking for food to eat.
The next day I phoned Prabhu Madan Gopal and told him everything. Prabhu gave me permission to cook for the Lord. From that day I prepare full offering on two days per week for Their Lordships.”
Actually the deities at Sri Jagannath Mandir were being offered fruits every evening before Gaura Arati. They were getting full offerings only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Mataji Vimlangi started to cook everyday (except Saturday and Sunday) and when Mataji Gaura Vigraha recovered, arrangements were made so that Their Lordships could get full offering every day except on Sunday. Thus their Lordships Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladev and Subhadra Maharani made Their own arrangements for Their offering. JAY JAGANNATH!!!

#4        Lord Baladev Goes to Play

This pastime took place on a Saturday. After his regular service at Sri Jagannath Mandir as usual, Bhakta Vikash was about to leave for home at 10.00 a.m. when he realized that his car lock was not functioning. Several means and ways were used to remediate this problem. Finally with the help of Mr. Rajesh Juggoo at about 2 p.m. the car was fine and Bhakta Vikash could return back home.
Bhakta Vikash:
“On the same day, after a very hectic day I was very tired. I could not come for Bhagavatam class. I went to sleep a bit early on that day. In my dreams I saw that I am at Sri Jagannath Mandir. Then I saw that Prabhu Madan Gopal came and told me to guard the Mandir. I was wondering why Prabhu told me to do so, but still I did that service. After some time Prabhu Madan Gopal came, seeming very tense and asked me: “Prabhu where is Baladev? I told you to guard them!” I got panicked and replied: “Oh Prabhu, really where is Baladev?” looking at the altar. “You did not tell me that They go out to play.” Then Prabhu Madan Gopal told me; “We must quickly look for Baladev. You don’t know, Baladev is very beautiful, people may steal Him.”
And then we both went out to look for Baladev. After some time I saw a very beautiful boy of about 5 years age playing. He had a white complexion. He was very beautiful. The boy then suddenly started to run and went inside the Mandir. I followed the boy to see where He was going. To my great surprise I saw that the boy went on the altar in the place of Baladev and I could see the boy transforming and becoming back Baladev. I woke up suddenly at the very moment. Jay Sri Baladev!!!

#5        Lord Jagannath arranges for flowers

This pastime took place when it had been two or three months when Bhakta Sandeep stated to do arati for Their Lordships Sri Jagannath, Sri Baladev and Sri Subhadra Maharani.

Bhakta Sandeep:

“Once I remember very clearly that just after a cyclonic period there was a shortage of flowers for doing arati. On the day I had mangal arati I didnot get flowers to do arati. Nonetheless on that day after putting offering I tried to look for flowers in the neighboring yards. But I was unsuccessful in getting flowers. So I prayed to Srila Prabhupada and Their Lordships to forgive me for this offence, that I would be doing the arati without flowers. With a very regretful heart I was preparing to start the arati. While I was just about to blow the conch shell, to my great surprise I saw Amit entering the temple room. He brought some flowers and told me to use them for arati. He spoke only these words to me. How could he possibly know that I did not have flowers for arati.  I told no one. I thanked Their Lordship for Their mercy and reciprocation.

Many months passed and it happened that once during the anavasara period devotees were narrating their pastimes with Lord Jagannath. I also told this lila to the devotees. But to my great surprise, Amit told that he never came to mandir to give the flowers, He did not remember that incident at all! He said that why would he come so early to the temple.” JAY JAGANNATH.

#6  Srila Prabhupada came to ISKCON Sri Jagannath Mandir

Once Mataji Seeruttun had a wonderful dream. Mataji:

“One night I dreamt that a long and extremely beautiful car stopped near the Sri Jagannath mandir. To my great surprise I saw Srila Prabhupada coming out from the car and he went inside the temple for darshan.  Then my dream broke off. I was very happy to have dreamt of Srila Prabhupada.

I did not relate the dream to anyone. A few days after this dream, something amazing happened.  When I went to the temple, I saw Prabhu Madan Gopal brought a new asana and placed it at the back in the temple facing the Deities.  He then placed a big photo of Srila Prabhupada on the asana.  I could then figure out why I had such a dream.” Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

 #7  Lord Jagannath – the Supreme Doctor

This pastime has been related by Priya Sakhi Dasi, wife of Madan Gopal Das.  In year 2011, she had an odd type of disease whereby she was hearing a hissing type of noise at regular intervals and her vision blurred when that occurred.  She could not concentrate on her tasks properly because of the disease. She had to stop reading Srimad Bhagavatam.  She was even afraid to cross the road because she was afraid of fainting in the middle of the road.  Madan Gopal Das brought her to a hospital. The doctor diagnosed her and arranged for scanning but could not find a solution.

Priya Sakhi Dasi: “After some time, since the situation persisted we went together to a famous ears specialist.  The latter prescribed some medicines but they did not really work.  On my second visit, the specialist prescribed medicines for 6 months and recommended that I have a head scanning to have a detailed diagnosis of the situation. But he said that the problem was complex and he did not provide a guarantee that the situation would improve.  After a few days of taking the medicines, I decided to stop the treatment.  Instead I surrendered to Lord Jagannath and prayed to Him at the temple.  I asked the Lord to care for me and I promised that when I would have recovered I would cook a large feast for Him and serve all the devotees at the temple.  Gradually, in only a couple of weeks I completely recovered.  Later I cooked with pleasure for the Lord.”