Jagannath Youth Forum

The Jagannath Youth Forum is a sociocultural organization founded on the the 14th of May 2010 which seats at Sri Jagannath Mandir, Royal Road, Morcellement Saint Andre. The association was created in a bid to reach out the youngsters of our society and channel them towards a better future.  Our objective is to help youngsters develop their character and talents and dovetail those talents in constructive and pious activities.  The Jagannath Youth Forum tries to engage youngsters in sociocultural and religious activities so as to make of them better and responsible citizens of our deteriorating society.  Besides, the association caters to train young people and develop in them, the ability and the wisdom to tackle the various social problems and vices lurking around them.  Sexual abuse, narcotic drugs, cigarette, alcohol, human rights, HIV AIDS, suicide and environmental degradation amongst others, are some of the issues that the association tries to sensitize youngsters about.  Youngsters are encouraged to engage themselves in sports activities, music, dance, painting and so on rather than wasting their time and money on vices such as cigarette, alcohol and gambling.  In this direction, the association organizes various activities and thus, tries to achieve its objectives.

The Jagannath Youth Forum has already organized two seminars on “Skills to become an effective leader” at Morcellement Saint Andre on the 25th of July 2010 and at Bois Rouge on the 17th of April 2011.  Youngters were also engaged in a food distribution at the home of ‘Krishnananda Seva Ashram’, Callebasse.

Music classes are held every Monday at Shri Jagannath Mandir, Morcellement Saint Andre.  The association offers everybody the opportunity to learn vocal and playing instruments such as Harmonium, Mridanga, Guitar and Keyboard.

We shall not stop here.  The Jagannath Youth Forum is looking forward to more enriching and constructive endeavors.

Upcoming Events:

Book Sale at Tertiary institutions and secondary schools

National seminar on Human Rights

‘Ramassage d’ordures

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